October 09, 2013

Let go of busy

Woke up this morning a bit later than usual.  I did not have as much quiet time as I like to start my day.  But, facing two very full days ahead, I looked out the window at the stars and expressed gratitude for what lies ahead in these next few days, weeks, seasons.

I am not busy.  I am grateful that I am living my life, connecting with those that I meet each day.  Whether it is my child in the car for a few music filled minutes or sitting in a conference call.  I am so very grateful that I am a part of your life and you are a part of mine.  You are teaching me great things about myself and unknowingly, pushing me to be bigger, better, stronger and full of power. 

The next time you are reflecting on what is ahead or someone asks you how you are doing, leave the word "busy" out of it.  Take a breath and be thankful that you are empowered to live your life and do the things that you are doing.  Take a breath while folding clothes, running to practice, paying bills, working away.  Take time to appreciate all that lies ahead.

How do you feel when you do let go of "busy"?

October 07, 2013

Do you ever?

Do you ever feel heavy?  Not "I ate too much" heavy, just heavy.  Like everything sad is coming your way even if it does not directly impact you.  My heart is swelling with color, hope, love and yet I cannot get away from this feeling.  It is not a hopeless feeling.  In fact, there is a great amount of hope in this feeling.  I have taken time to mediate, listen to lovely music, find joy in my surroundings and my self.  Yet, I am feeling for people I don't know but are hurting.  This is just my way of putting it out to the world that I am here.  I am hopeful for you.  I know you can do this.  I know you can handle this even when you think you cannot.  I am here.

Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion. ~Buddha

November 01, 2012

It is a month dedicated to being thankful.  Thinking it should be everyday that we are thankful.  I am truly thankful for so many things that I don't often enough articulate.  Takes 21 days to create a habit...here I go, articulating thankfulness for the 30 days of November.  Thinking it will carry through the rest of my days.  I hope you will join, privately or publicly, in your own way.

11/28/12-11-30/12 - As you may have noticed, I did not update for 3 days.  Quite honestly, I realized that I am thankful for things that are just hard to put into words or pictures.  I feel so blessed to be living this life.  I am thankful for being truly thankful.

11/27/12 - I am thankful for all.  Sometimes it is quiet of the morning that leaves me feeling renewed and open to all that is my life. 

11/26/12 - I am thankful for quiet Mondays.  It was not easy getting back to business but I managed through it.  Thanks to all those who took it easy on me today.

11/25/12 - I am thankful for our home.

11/24/12 - I am thankful for an amazing Thanksgiving holiday that gave me time to relax, reflect and re-energize for all that is ahead.

11/23/12 - Won't lie, thankful for a good deal.

11/22/12 - I am thankful for a full belly.  Too many people in this world do not know what it is like to be full.  Well feed.  Taken care of.  So very thankful that I do and that we are able to find ways to help those that are spreading that feeling of fullness.

11/21/12 - I am thankful for my Dad.  He introduced me to tennis when my brother and I were little.  It is a game that connected us all through school.  It is wonderful to be back to playing and I am thrilled I could spend the morning with Dad, on the court.

11/20/12 - I am thankful for my Mom.  She has created a home that we come back to time and again that makes me feel so wrapped in love.  It is a place to calm our busy lives, reconnect with family and simply relax.  I cannot explain in words the feeling I have when I am here.  I can only hope that I create the same for my family and friends.

11/19/12 - I am thankful for mashed potatoes.  Love me some mashed potatoes!

11/18/12 - I am thankful for time with friends and cozy sweaters.

11/17/12 - I am thankful for the home we have created.  It surrounds us in warmth and love.

11/16/12 - I am thankful that I took the time to catch up with a dear friend today - the miles may  separate us but I think of her often.  She is full of life and laughter and cherish our friendship.

11/15/12 - I  am thankful for my hot water carafe, given to us 16 years ago as a wedding present.  This sits with me everyday, keeping my water warm.  It causes me to pause, pour a glass of water and take a moment to reflect.  A nice thing to have along when things feel out of control.

11/14/12 - I am thankful for the ability to forgive.  Forgive others.  Forgive myself.  I am stronger for it.
“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
Mahatma Gandhi, All Men are Brothers: Autobiographical Reflections 

11/13/12 - I am thankful that my little girl loves when I blow dry her hair.  As she becomes more and more independent, I love this time that I spend simply taking care of her.

11/12/12 - I am thankful for all of the Veterans and their families for ALL that they do.  An article in the December Redbook was quite touching as wives take care of their returning soldiers and true loves after brain injuries.  Perspective.

11/11/12 - I am thankful for the hardworking Athletics team at USM that put on a great craft fair.  The inner workings are top notch.

11/10/12 - I am thankful for friends that lift me up.

11/9/12 - I am thankful for creative spurts.

11/8/12 - I am thankful that we have a warm house and food for our family.  As we have our first snow fall of the season and as B took in canned goods to school for a food drive and E took in coins for Sandy relief, I am reflecting on how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to work and provide a loving and safe home for our kids.  So many do not have this opportunity for various reasons and so today, I made a gift to Covenant House on behalf of our family.  Hoping that they can provide a few more kids with a bed and blanket and give them the opportunity to grow in a safe and warm place.  Lastly, I am thankful that we are able to share what we can with those who truly need it more than we do.  Blessed.

11/7/12 - I am so thankful for my dear husband.  Sometimes an overwhelming sense of gratitude for him comes over me and fills my heart with joy.  While working away today, it hit me again.  That man is simply the most amazing person.  

11/6/12 - I am thankful for my ears that listen to both sides, my mind who takes measure and sorts out the details, my heart that does not judge but guides me to a decision.  Please rock the vote.

11/5/12 - I am thankful for the style advice from my 9 yr. old Emme.  She styled me this morning and was spot on with the jewelry but then told me I would look better in Uggs than my snakeskin wedges.  I am wearing my snakeskin wedges.  She is in her fake uggs.  We both look good.

11/4/12 - I am thankful for the end to a great soccer season.  I love watching these boys grow and play hard.  Way to go boys!

11/3/12 - I am thankful for my dear husband for so many reasons.

11/2/12 - I am thankful for Sara, Andrea and Tim who have me back on the tennis court.  Just feels good.

11/1/12 - I am thankful for the 3 people at Chipotle who made my yummy lunch, all with a smile and appreciation for me and each other.  The banter was lively and the service was top notch. 

February 06, 2011

Sewing Sunday

I just keep running out of time.  Time to sew.  I have the best of intentions as we gear up for the weekend but life happens and before I know it, Sunday evening is here.  So, while cleaning the house on Friday, I invented Sewing Sunday.  I am taking some part of Sunday and either cutting or sewing one of my many home projects as well as gearing up for the springtime craft fairs.  And, because I miss being here, sharing my little world, I am going to blog about what I worked on and share some photos.  Here I go...the first Sewing Sunday.

My project this Sunday starts back in West Virginia 3 years ago.  We were visiting my parents for the 4th of July weekend.  It was pouring rain, there would be no picnics or fireworks.  Dad, Chris and I headed out to an auction in the mountains of WV while Mom stayed home with the babes as they played contently.  We roamed around and I spotted this bright green rocking chair.  The kelly green color was beautiful, roughed up just enough.  The seat needed some work.  I loved the lines of the back.  I fell in love and I was going home with it.  We sat for a long time waiting for them to bring it to the front.  I was not the only one with my eye on it.  I raised my number and ended up in a bidding war with another woman seated in front of me.  And here is it.  Meet my lovely rocking chair.

The seat is wide so I can curl my legs up in it.  The back fits me perfectly.  It sits at our sliding glass door where we have full sun all day.  I sit here and read, make our weekly menus and shopping lists, chat with the kids, attend conference calls.  It is a lovely spot when the sun is streaming in.  It holds a wonderful memory for me and I feel comforted just sitting in it and remembering that day with Dad and Chris.

Back to the sewing project.  I have yet to replace the seat.  And, I decided that I wanted to be able to change the seat with the seasons or my mood.  Someday, I will actually rebuild and recover the seat.  Right now, I am having fun switching things up now and then.  Today, I made a reversible seat cover with fabric I have had for, hmmmm, 2 1/2 years or so.  I bought the fabric for the chair but I just never took the time to sew it.  For the holidays I have a sweet red, snowflake pattern that is reversible to green so in January it does not scream "old Christmas decoration".

After sewing the fabric together, I used a decorative stitch to close up the open side and finish things off a bit.  So sweet!

Here is my final cover.  It's like a little dress for my lovely rocking chair.  I think she is so happy to be out of the snowflake dress and into one that screams spring.  It all looks a bit retro when pulled together.  Ben likes the butterflies, Emme likes the flowers.  When I called Ben over to check out the fancy stitch (he was the only one around at the time), he said "Wow, cool.  Now you can make baseballs."  He sees baseball stitching and I see many more decorative stitches in my future.  I will be enjoying my morning coffee in my newly covered seat. 
I love the way the stitching turned out.  Oh, and you can really see the color of the chair here.  Cool, isn't it?

I am so looking forward to many more Sewing Sundays!


December 29, 2010

Can I do it?

As I sit taking in the pink sky of the beautiful sunrise, drink my coffee and cruise inspirational blogs, I look around at my disaster of a house and dream of what it will look like later today.  Clean, decluttered and decked out with my "winterscape".

Yes, I have things I save for January decorating.  I just don't like going from festive Christmas decorations to... well, nothing.  So, as we embrace the Maine winter, I decorate to celebrate it.  And as I cruised around the blog world, I decided I need to update some pillows on the sofa.  But soon after I began dreaming of a trip to Homegoods to find a few new pillows my mind said..."STOP!".  "We are in the second year of decluttering, finishing up unfinished projects, working with what we have...remember?" 

So, it was with this little in my head conversation that led me to post this as a reminder to myself.  I am starting off 2011 with a mind to manage what I have, winterscape the heck out of my house with what I have.  I can sew.  I can paint.  I can do this.  Join me on my journey for the next 6 months to only shop for inspiration, not for more stuff.  As of this morning, I am on a mission to finish the unfinished projects and only buy notions that will help me achieve this such as paint, thread, plants, etc. 

Really, I can do this. 

December 01, 2010

The Academy.

Pay it forward day.  Today.  Lately I feel like I am surround by people paying it forward.  To me.  Thank you. 

This is going to sound like an Academy Awards speech so queue music now.  But please read on and realize it is the small things that make a difference.  Sometimes it is just doing your job but it makes an impact.  Sometimes it is offering an idea but it makes an impact.  Sometimes it is simply a smile, a word of encouragement, a note, a call, but it makes an impact.

The last few months have been quite a journey for me and I have so many people that have made that journey amazing, happy-tear provoking, so crazy positive that I just go to bed feeling wonderful and fulfilled.  It's not really about the product I create.  It is the experience of it all that is so fulfilling.  As I write this, it reminds me of a moment this past summer (about a boy and his journey). 

So back to the music and my speech...it was the day I opened my business account and the woman behind the desk was so excited about my little venture that I skipped to my car and cried those happy tears.  It was the late night that I called my mother-in-law to help me with a tired and broken sewing machine.  It was the day that a dear friend asked for a stack of business cards to share.  It was the day that another dear friend took the time to take down an e-mail address in the check-out line because the cashier wanted a ZooZ bag.  It is the dear friend that has tried every thing I have made and is often my first test in a new creation. It was the day I sat with Erin as she brought the dreamy dragonfly to life.  It was the day(s) that my Mom and Dad participated in a craft fair with me.  A day full of laughs.  It is the time that my family sits and creates with me as I sew.  It was my brother's excitement and advice - my advertising/marketing go to guy.  It is the love and support that Nellie gives me every time I say, "Hey, I have another idea" or "Uummmmm, these numbers are not adding up again".  Good to have an accountant for a honey.  Thank you all.

My point, after my long speech, is that all of the above is paying it forward.  Everyday, not just today, people are paying it forward.  To me.  I can only hope that I am returning the favor. To someone.  Everyday.


November 03, 2010


I ran across this photo on a random blog recently.  And, boo on me, I do not remember where.  But, it is now my desktop wallpaper and I look at it everyday.  Somedays I just wish I could write on that wall and have someone come along and erase my fears.  But, quite honestly, fear can be helpful sometimes, forcing me into action.  So, my dear friends, here I go, writing on the wall...success, failure, change, acceptance, cooking a turkey, squats (that might be hatred, not fear), the upcoming craft fairs, the list goes on.

I love the note by the back tire, what looks to be "ditto".  So many of us have the same fears.

Here comes my magic eraser...wiping my board clean everyday and asking myself, "then what would happen?"

I am off to sew, without my mother-in-law in the room, with bobbins that I wound, with the fear of the bobbin and sewing machine wiped clean.


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